Resident Spotlight: Marjorie Flickinger

Resident Spotlight
*Marjorie Flickinger*

Marjorie May Keck was born May 21, 1920 in the Keith Homestead on Gilbert Road near Pittsford, Michigan to Lloyd and Floy (Britton) Keck. Marjorie had 4 sisters, Violet, Velma, Norma and Elsie and 1 brother, Glenn. The Kecks were a hard working dairy farm family that milked cows by hand. Marjorie worked hard around the house and barn. As she grew, so did her responsibilities. Gardening, canning, milking, raising chicks, working in the fields, and riding on the big workhorse while Grandpa plowed were all chores to be done. Of course that included school work. Marjorie attended the Doty Country School. Marjorie was always described as a good student who faithfully brought home her homework, studied hard and received good grades. Marjorie loved to run and did the long jump in sports. She then attended Frontier High School, graduating in 1938. In high school Marjorie started dating Rex Blake Flickinger. They went to church a lot together too. On June 17, 1938 Marjorie and Rex were married. They have 4 daughters, Joanne, Lynda, Leah, and Jill (deceased), and 1 son, Lynn.
It took hard work by the entire family to make it through some really hard times but each day began with prayer and Bible reading. It seemed to make
the slopping pigs, milking cows, chasing cows that got out, chopping wood with a sledge hammer and wedges, fixing the wood stove, gardening, house cleaning, canning, and laundry much more bearable every day. Everyone had their chores to do, and everyone grew up doing them the right way first. That, of course, would save them having to be done again. While raising her children, Marjorie became a nurse of sort, caring for sick kids, bandaging up cuts, and running each of her 5 children at least once to the doctor for stitches! Marjorie also found time in her busy days to write some poems. The Flickinger family faithfully attended church anytime the doors were open. Marjorie took leadership in the Women’s Missionary Association. She taught Sunday school and she mentored many women. One of Marjorie’s passions has been children who are less fortunate. She has been involved in fixing many meals for the sick, for church dinners, and for entertaining Pastors, Evangelists, and Missionaries. Marjorie loves her career as homemaker, mother, and minister’s wife. Now Marjorie has 16 Grandchildren, 37 Great Grandchildren, and 18 Great-Great Grandchildren. She loves music, making bread, baking all kinds of pie, reading, sewing, working word puzzles and she belonged to the Home Makers Extension Club. When her Rex was living, they enjoyed traveling, going to Alabama, Maine, Vermont, Florida, Nova Scotia, Canada, and to California, where Rex’s brothers lived.